5 Health Benefits of Using Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha green tea is all the rage these days… Cafes everywhere are starting to offer various matcha products, and specialist stores are popping up everywhere! They know all to well that consumers are looking everywhere online, trying to find out where to buy the best matcha green tea powder so they can reap the health benefits their friends and colleagues have been raving about!

But what are the benefits of drinking matcha exactly?

Here Are Just 5 of the Many Good Things Matcha Can Do for You:

1. Cancer prevention

A study by university of Colorado has confirmed that a cup of matcha green tea contains about 140 times the amount of anti-oxidant- EGCG compared to a regular cup of green tea. What it means for the body (aside from the weight loss properties of EGCG in matcha) is that it’s requirements for anti-oxidants will be more than satisfied with EGCG combating dangerous free radicals in the body owing to its anti- carcinogenic properties.

2. Anti- aging:

Believe it or not, anti-oxidants like catechins can potentially reduce aging of your skin and hair. Not only that but it may also enhance your expected life-expectancy! You should know that Japan has one of the highest life-expectancy rates in the world, and some say this longevity in large due to drinking matcha green tea.

3. Reduction of cholesterol levels:

Thermogenic properties present in the catechins promote fat oxidation. Caffeine has been said to have mild fat burning capability but this is a whole new level of goodness. It has been found out that drinking green tea increases thermogenesis by 3 times of the daily energy expenditure.

4. Detoxification:

Grown in shade, matcha green tea leaves are full of chlorophyll. Chorophyll, the green color pigment is known to have detoxifying and purifying properties. Although, this property is yet to be supported by scientific foundations. It still couldn’t be ignored that matcha green tea claims to have the ability to clean up toxins, dioxins and poisonous residues from the body.

5. Energy boosting:

Replace your afternoon cup of coffee or regular tea with matcha green tea and see the difference in your post lunch work outputs. Matcha green tea will help you concentrate better, without giving you the headaches that come with excessive coffee or tea drinking during work hours.

The blog post 5 Health Benefits of Using Matcha Green Tea Powder is available on: HealthyWild


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